Happy New Year to everyone interested in the success of the Carnegie!

After a stormy 2019 for the UK this will be an important year on many levels – including the success of the Carnegie Community Hub. Currently we are operating under a licence but plans for a long term lease are progressing and will be kept under review by our solicitors.

Room hire. Four rooms varying in size are available for hire. We have increasing numbers of enquiries and successful bookings for regular activities and single events. Enquiries include parties, play sessions, physical activity, physiotherapy. We are keen to introduce a yoga class. Room rates are on the website.   link
A Brochure is under development for Spring 2020.

Desk rental. The Enterprise Centre is ready to go – desk spaces on the first floor are available for hire now.    link  EC flyer v 3
Please contact info@carnegiecommunitytrust.org.uk to look around and discuss the terms and conditions.

Café. Plans for the Community Cafe are also progressing, supported by our local partners – we have a workable design and expect the large front room to be cleared soon.

Garden. The Garden Planning Group is progressing well – with plans for fund-raising and for winter tidying and pruning.  It’s lovely to see what comes up in Spring when we clear some space.

Waitrose donation.  Waitrose kindly offered us a slot in their ‘Community Charity’ collection scheme (where shoppers put green tokens in a collection box). A welcome cheque for £340 was received before Christmas.  Thank you Waitrose!

Food bank.  Many thanks to all who have contributed so generously.  The collection box is in the entrance lobby and here is the list of wanted items – link 
For more information please contact beth.prince@carnegiecommunitytrust.org.uk

Lastly, we are always looking for volunteers at any level of involvement, from support for events to new Trustees – contact info@carnegiecommunitytrust.org.uk

Thank you.