Carnegie Community Trust (CCT) was established as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) on 16th October 2015, to provide an appropriate legal organisation through which plans and applications can be made for an asset transfer to community ownership of the Carnegie Library building, under the Co-operative Council Community Hubs Policy of Lambeth Council. Initially CCT was established as a ‘Foundation’ model CIO.  This means that the current Trustees are the only full members, and appoint further Trustees.  The Trustees wish to develop an Associate Membership Scheme, and to move in future to the ‘Association’  model  CIO, with a larger membership that will directly elect the board of Trustees.  (Both models are drafted and promoted by the Charity Commission.  A move from the Foundation model to the Association model can be achieved by amending the Constitution, there is no need to create a new legal entity).
The charity’s Constitution is on our Project Documents page and is also linked here.